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the benghazi terror attacks that led to four deaths including u.s. ambassador chris stevens gets seriously heated. chris stevens gets seriously heated. details next. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. i'm lynn berry. debate day in america. vice president joe biden and republican rival paul ryan prepare to square off tonight in kentucky. new poll numbers show the current vp has his work cut out for him. according to a new survey from the pew center, just 39% of voters like biden, 44% like ryan. the winner of tonight's debate, 40% of voters say ryan will come out on top while 34% think biden will prevail. nbc news's tracie potts joins us. >>> the pressure is definitely on vice president biden to turn things around. he's got the experience on the debate stage to do so, but as you saw in those numbers, it looks like the public is betting more on paul ryan. ryan took a bit of an excursion yesterday while he was practicing in florida saying that the vice president will probably come at me like a cannonball but that the obama record, as ryan put it, is his akil lee's
scene for a political supporter in leesburg. libbey steven's dogs woke her up at about 2:00 in the morning. she called police and said she believes somebody set the fire intentionally. >> it's one thing to spray paint a sign or slash it or steal it. it's another to set it on fire. that's wrong. >> the romney campaign office went out today to replace the burn sign. steven's neighbor, state senator and a democrat, stopped by this afternoon to offer steven's support. >> up next, new pictures from the scene of a deadly shark attack in southern california. >> d.c. making millions of dollars from the speed chemist. tonight, we'll tell you about the one spot that's notorious for generating tickets. >> and getting in the high school wean spirit, s. >>> somewhere out there tonight are two pit bulls that attacked a woman in northeast washington. it is the second attack on a person in that area in the last month. the woman was cornered by the pit bulls while walking her dogs near 15th and "d" street yesterday. a business owner helped chase the dogs away. just two weeks ago, just a f
president biden called the deaths a tragedy but he said they did not know ambassador stevens and other personnel on the ground had been asking for more security help. >> we weren't told they wanted more security there. we did not know they wanted more security. and, by the way, at the time we were told exactly -- we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. that was the assessment. >> reporter: it was an assessment, but the state department did know. in real time from videos that requests for more security and resources had been made and were turned down. a state department official acknowledged testifying on capital hill only yesterday. there was also a sharp disagreement tonight on medicare. biden charged that ryan's original plan would raise out of pocket costs for most seniors. >> look, folks, use your common sense. who do you trust on this, a man who introduced a bill that would raise it 40 to $6400 a year knowing it and passing it and romney saying sign it or me and the president? >> reporter: ryan objected. >> that statistic was completely misleading b
of city hall. family members and former coworkers spoke about stevens influence and accomplishmentsment stevens was killed in an attack in benghazi back on september 11th. he was 52 years old. >> a family feud led to murder in fairfax. ruth hamilton went to her mother's home to talk about a family member. police say allen's brother, charles hamilton, shot her right in front of their 91-year-old mother. dr. allen was an assistant professor at an american university and an adjunct professor at yale university. >> accusations of bullying, intimidation and intolerance from a gallaudet university employee suspended for signing a petition regarding same-sex marriage chl. kb gallaudet's chief operating officer gave her statement. she signed the petition to bring the vote in november. through an interpreter, mckcaskl says her life has become a nightmare. >> no one has the right to decide what my signature meant. >> allen horwitz, the gallaudet president, expects to return to her job. >> coming up, a new push to lower fines from d.c. drivers. >> retailers getting into the holiday spirit. what ta
of former u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens speaks out. what caused a u.s. nuclear sub to collide with one of our destroyers? your early morning headlines are straight ahead. >>> from land to water with a push of a button. guess what. you may actually be able to afford james bond's latest gadget. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz. the pakistani teenage girl shot in the head by the taliban last week for promoting education for girls and criticizing the group in a blog is being flown to great britain this morning. doctors believe malala yousafzai will need prolonged care as she recovers. >>> tomorrow, vice president joe biden will attend the funeral of former pennsylvania senator arlen specter, who died sunday from complications of nonhodge kins lymphoma at the age of 82. the two were close and often traveled on amtrak together when they were senators. >>> the pentagon is investigating what caused the collision of a nuclear sub and a naval cruiser during a training exercise off the east coast this weekend. no one was injured an
chris stevens and three other americans. >>> this is the busiest day yet on the campaign trail. the presidential candidates and their running mates trying to make the most of the time left in a race that still is too close to call. president obama will travel more than 5,000 miles today alone. steve handelsmans on capitol hill now with more on the candidates' travels. >> reporter: jim, thanks, good evening. the polls are so close now, that all kinds of combinations of wins in the swing states, like virginia, could produce a victory. and so the candidates are trying to hit all the battlegrounds. mitt romney and paul ryan swing state tours started in colorado. they split up. romney going to nevada. where he trails by three points. but claimed he's closing on the president. >> he's out of ideas, and out of excuses, and in november you'll put him out of office. >> reporter: ryan went to ohio, where he and romney closed a five-point gap to one. >> mitt romney and i believe in true compassion in upward mobility. >> reporter: colorado could be key. last night outside denver, thousands
in benghazi that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. congress are investigating whether intelligence or security lapses contributed to the terrible toll in that dpedly attack. steve handelsman joins us with more on that tragedy. >> reporter: good evening. up here on the hill, the upcoming elections still colors this investigation. republicans believe the white house tried to engineer a cover-up. but today the main question was way simpler. where were so few american forces on guard in such a dangerous place. to highlight his concern, president obama had his terrorism adviser john brennan in libya today, to push the investigation of the 9/11, 2012, attack that killed chris stevens and three others. but republicans at the house hearing charged the obama state department showed a lack of concern last summer, after u.s. facilities in benghazi were attacked twice. >> i believe personally with more assets, more resources, just meeting the minimum standards, we could have and should have saved the life of ambassador stevens and the other people that were there. >> reporter: one
in the deadly attack, chris stevens, will be remembered today at a public memorial service today in san francisco. stevens was the u.s. ambassador to libya. he grew up and went to college in california. senator dianne feinstein and libya's ambassador to the u.s. are expected to attend today's service at san francisco city hall. >>> also today, a funeral for former pennsylvania senator arlen specter. specter died on sunday at the age of 82 with a lengthy patbat with non-hodgkins lymphoma. the moderate democrat was 82 years old. vice president joe biden is set to attend a memorial and burial outside philadelphia. president obama ordered the flags at the white house to be flown at half staff. >>> family members of one-time presidential candidate george mcgovern say the 90-year-old is now in hospice. mcgovern represented south dakota in the u.s. senate for 18 years and unsuccessfully ran for the white house against presidenrichard nixon in 1972. his family did not give details on his condition. >>> it is 6:06 right now. ahead, the small town scandal that's grabbing international headlines.
stevens, a month before the attacks, he warned, what we have seen are not random crimes of opportunity, but rather targeted attacks, they wrote answers about security failures. and while the president vows to hunt down the killers, libyan authorities are permitting one to walk free, bragging. how will mitt romney challenge the president at the debate? a preview from paul ryan today >> the problem is the story continues to shift. they refuse to answer the basic questions about what happened. >> reporter: intelligence officials do have an explanation, saying they were working with multiple reports. riots in cairo, tunisia and elsewhere over the anti-muslim video. reports in the consulate about contradictions outside the consulate saying there was a protest. intercepted information, planned attacks, linked to the al-qaeda off-shoot. >> this rush to judgment during a presidential campaign i find it to be troubling and i find it to be very distasteful. >> reporter: ambassador stevens wrote this cable on september 11th, the day he was killed, warning that libyan security was too weak. still,
breaking through. they rushed to christopher stevens's bunker, they started the fire, unable to see or breathe through heavy smoke, the ambassador and one body guard tried to get out through a bathroom window. the agent got out, then lost stevens in the thick, black smoke, his body turned up later. they identified him only hours after the cell phone call sinai never have seen this type. >> reporter: today, the white house acknowledges mistakes. >> there is no question when four american personnel are killed in an attack on the diplomatic security, that the facility was not adequate the diplomatic facility. >> reporter: mitt romney mentioned a conversation wit >> reporter: mitt romney mentioned a conversation with glenn doherty, one of the former navy s.e.a.l.s killed in the attack. >> i met some wonderful people, one a former navy s.e.a.l. >> reporter: later, the campaign said he wouldn't mention it again. his mother said he shouldn't make that a part of the political agenda. tonight, they accused them of misleading, and demanded straight answers, the white house is trying to find a
. the sign was engulfed in flames when leby stevens saw it and grabbed this picture. now all that's left of the 4 by 8 plastic coated romney banner is two metal supports. >> the dogs were barking, i came downstairs and looked out the front window and there was a gentleman standing on the front porch, i looked past him to see the sign. and a fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: stevens said when she came outside about 2:00 a.m. monday, her first thought was that the fire had been set deliberately. >> it's one thing to spray paint a sign or slash it and steal it. it's another to set it on fire. that's wrong. >> reporter: leesburg police officers responded and took a report. >> due to the nature of the call, we did turn the case over to the fire marshal's office. >> reporter: although the leesburg incident is the most serious, nearly every jurisdiction in maryland, virginia, and the district has reported vandalism to political signs this year. >> i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: the stevens' neighbor, virginia state senator mark harrington, a democrat, came by to offer support. he sa
happened than i am. >> last night's debate came on the same night u.s. ambassador chris stevens' family and friends gathered in san francisco for a public memorial. ambassador steefvens and three other americans died in an attack in benghazi. >>> a second person in virginia died from the meningitis outbreak. that raises the death toll to 16. more than 230 others are sick. the news comes as federal investigators raided the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the infections. health officials believe steroid injections used for back pain were contaminated with the disease. >>> montgomery county police on the hunt for a suspect who shot two men outside a popular chinese restaurant. police were called out to the golden china restaurant on old columbia road in silver spring last night. the two victims drove a mile down the road before medics caught up with them and took them to the hospital. folks saw the chaotic scene outside the restaurant. >> i didn't want to come in the store. i couldn't tell what happened actually, but i was thinking someone must have gotten shot. that was kind of scary. >>
on last month's attack at the libyan embassy in benghazi. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in the attack. a state department official will be among the witnesses to testify before the oversight committee. he's expected to deny reports the state department denied requests for additional security in libya in the weeks and months before the attack. >>> the man believed to be behind the anti-muslim film that sparked riots across the middle east is due in court today. a federal judge will decide if mark youssef will be sent back to prison for violating probation. he was convicted of bank fraud in 2010. he lied to his probation officers and used aliases. federal officials say he was behind the 14-minute film called "innocence of muslims," which has led to the violence in the middle east. >>> the buckeye state is the focus of decision 2012 this week. romney has three stops scheduled there today. yesterday the republican presidential candidate spoke to a crowd outside akron with new jersey governor chris christie. no republican has won the election without winning ohio. pres
that killed ambassador chris stevens and others in ben dpazy, libya, last month. the investigators are collecting forensic evidence. they have not been able to examine the consulate until now because of the potential threat from regional militia. that's in syria, by the way. nbc news has learned that u.s. special operations forces are protecting the fbi team in benghazi. ambassador stevens, a computer expert and two former navy s.e.a.l.s were killed in a terror attack at the consulate back on september 11th. >>> there is ab alert tonight for hundreds of patients in maryland and virginia. a meningitis outbreak has health officials warning people who were treated at several health care facilities. today a patient in tennessee became the fifth victim to die from the infection. there are 36 cases recorded across six states. richard jordan is in baltimore where health officials just released the new details. >> reporter: jim, this is typically used to treat back pain, but now several people have died, one in maryland and one in virginia. doctors here say they've been able to pinpoint a
steven colbert did his thing on the mall with jon stewart. it's to poke fun and have a good time. >> who is the moderator and is he going to be awake? stewart got help preparing for the debate, from who? >> steven colbert had his back. >> let's listen to what he said. >> wow, that was a great opening. that was fantastic. >> you just lost, jon. never compliment your opponent. always be attacking. >> think somebody listened to that advice. >> absolutely. >> the thing is between o'reilly and stewart, they are both smart. they have great points to make. it's going to be a great show. on top of great pundits, they great showmen. >> always be attacking. >> you can pay to stream it online. i'm going to do that. >> dune where that money goes? >> to charity. >> let's move to the "american idol" drama. what's going on? >> they are trying to get people to watch. >> is that what it's about? >> i think so. >> tell us about the drama. >> a video surfaced on tmz of those two freaking out. if you have been in an audition situation, they strip everybody of every device. there's talks it might have been a
of relief. >> reporter: saturday night kay hall was in her lake stevens home. a man she said did yardwork for her all summer made an unexpected visit. >> he put his hand on top of my head to hold me down, grabbed my necklace and yanked it off. >> reporter: it wasn't just any necklace. it had a small gold nugget that was mined during the alaskan gold rush by her grandmother. a symbol of the family's lineage of tough women. hall was shaken and she wanted her hair loom back. >> i think if i had a small handgun, i might have hit for one of his toes. i am a really good shot. >> reporter: enter her daughter. she sprung into action. sun morning she was passing out flyers in this target parking lot near her mother's lake stevens home. >> as soon as he looked up and he saw me in the middle of the parking lane, he started to throw his hands up. >> reporter: she stumble bood the very man who robbed her mother just hours before. >> and inyou'd better run right now because you're going to jail. and he and i ran through that target parking lot through people, through cars. my heart, the adrenaline that
. it's expected to focus on serious missteps by the state department. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in that attack. a state department official will be one of the witnesses to testify before the house oversight committee. he is expected to deny reports the state department ignored requests for additional security in libya in the weeks before the attack. >>> today the supreme court will hear a case on whether race should be a factor considered in college admissions. the nine justices will hear the case of abigail fisher. she says she was denied admission to the university of texas austin in 2008 because she's white. the university says she was denied because she fell outside the top 10% of her class. the decision isn't expected until next year. >>> now at 6:06 we're learning new information about a murder of a reporter. fauquier county sheriff's investigators now say sarah libby greenhall died from a gunshot wound to the neck. firefighters found the 48-year-old's body in july when her house caught fire in upperville, virginia. the chief medical examiner's
chris stevens' family gathered in san francisco for a public memorial. ambassador stevens and three other americans died in that attack in benghazi last month. we want to know who you think won round two of the presidential debates. join the conversation on the news 4 facebook page. >>> 5:34 now. a family argument led to a murder that left a college professor in fairfax county dead. 68-year-old credit rudr. ruth hamilton allen died at her mother's home in preston, virginia. her 91-year-old mother called 911 for help. police arrested her brother charles hamilton. dr. hamilton taught at american university and yale university. >>> day two of the trial of two police officers accused of beating a university of maryland student. in court, the prosecution's expert, an expert who trains police, called it excessive force. the video shows a minimum of 12 baton blows by officers in seven seconds. it followed a celebration of umd's victory over duke in 2010. both officers will be called to testify before the case goes to the jury. >>> d.c. council member jim graham may be in hot water over a l
by jenna wolfe. i'll never get that confused. only a few precious moments left to practice. steven landry, a young auxiliary -- and get into character. steven landry led detectives to the missing boy's lunch box. my confidence was boiling over. let's go do this tv thing. but then a plot twist i never expected. oh, my scene. i'm so excited about this. they changed the line? stephen lomatin, a young auxiliary officer -- it was landry. so with my new line ready, a little bit nervous, i finally transformed into reporter jenna wolfe. it was kind of a stretch. any advice for me, last minute advice? >> be yourself. >> with that i was ready for my role of a lifetime. >> background. >> and action. >> it was stephen lomintin, a young auctixiliary officers whod police to the missing boy's lunch box. how emotional was that for you. >> it was very emotional. >> so brilliant, they wanted just a little more. >> video 17, take one. action. >> it's been over a week now and still no sign of young hector rodriguez. p police are asking if you have any information, you are to call the tip line 212-555-01001.
stevens, will be remembered today at a public memorial in san francisco. stevens was the u.s. ambassador to libya. he grew up and went to college in california. senator dianne feinstein and libya's ambassador to the u.s. are expected to attend today's service at san francisco's city hall. >>> two virginia hikers found safe in montana after being stranded for days in the snow will return home today. neal peckens of herndon and jason hiser of richmond went hiking in glacier national park last week. family reported them missing when they did not catch a flight home on friday. neal's mother says the pair hiked into the back country and fell into a ravine. they were stranded in cold temperatures and more than a foot of snow. park rangers found the men safe around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. >> i never felt that this was going to end catastrophically. i never felt that somet happened to him. >> peckens and hiser were taken to the hospital and given a clean bill of health. it's not clear what time he'll be arriving home today. >>> today is the deadline for metro to have completed installing cell
. the commander of that team will reportedly testify that ambassador chris stevens, who of course died in the raid, wanted to keep the team even longer but of course was let down. the 16 member team was replace by a smaller unit of agents, it is not clear how long they stayed security agents stayed. tonight, they say the original tonight, they say the original team was being fazed out as libya teams took over, and could not have prevented the fatal attack in benghazi. the top terrorism official is on his way to libya to make his own assessment tomorrow. so you can tell the white house is taking it very seriously. >> andrea mitchell in the d.c. news room, along with chuck todd, thank you both tonight. >>> there is news tonight on the tainted outbreak. it is linked to tainted steroid injections that came from a pharmacy in massachusetts deat there are more cases and more hs deaths sadly to report tonight. the cdc says the number of confirmed infections is up to 105 in nine different states. the death toll has gone up to eight. our report tonight from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: at st. thomas ho
steven on facebook oh, this was a foreign policy debate? could have fooled me. moderator bob schaffer said olama bin laden after a slip of the tongue. for complete analysis of tonight's debate and a story board of regional reaction on social media, join us online at nbc >> police are stepping up patrols along the capital crescent trail in bethesda. officers on bike and horseback started surveying the area after a woman was knocked unconscious and sexually assaulted. >> reporter: well, that woman was out here on the capital crescent trail south of massachusetts avenue in bethesda. all of the sudden, she was knocked unconscious. woke up, dragged off of the trail. move a little to the left and you can see police put up this yellow crime scene tape. a warning to joggers and bikers out here while they combed for evidence searching for the leaves. tonight, police are issuing another warning to people who use the trail. be careful. >> tonight, maryland national capital park police patrolled the capital crescent trail searching for possible clues into the sexual assault of a 2
in libya months before the attack in benghazi. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed. he claims the state department had been withdrawing security forces despite what he calls a deteriorating security situation in the country. wood plans on telling his story to congress tomorrow. >>> now to the race for virginia's u.s. senate seat. right now democrat tim kaine holds a slight lead over republican george allen in recent polls in one of most closely watched races this election year. the candidates were in richmond for a live televised debate. both men say they're the right pick for breaking the partisan gridlock in washington. >> we have to have bridge-builders. when george was in the senate he ridiculed john warner's efforts in the the gang of 14 to find compromise saying we don't need to compromise. i think we need people in the senate who know how to compromise and that will move our economy forward. >> i've worked with people on both sides of the aisle, as governor as well as the united states senator, on everything from internet access to screening of newborn
for more security for ambassador chris stevens, slain in the attack. so washington could say libya was becoming more peaceful. investigators say two months before the attacks, the state department concluded the risk to u.s. personnel was high. republican congressman jason chapis is just back from tripoli. >> twice in the six-month leadup, you had bombings in benghazi at our compound. and it's 9/11 in libya, what other warnings do you need? >> reporter: there were two assassination attempts against the ambassador in recent months. state department documents obtained by nbc news list 230 separate security interests in libya in 2011 and 2012. according to former resident security officer eric nordstrom, these incidents paint a clear picture that the environment in libya was fragile at best and could degrade quickly. tonight four republican senators led by john mccain are demanding answers from the cia director and other top intelligence officials in what is becoming an explosive campaign issue. the state department denies it denied the request for more security. but says house republi
people, fired shots, explosions heard as well. ambassador stevens and four embassy personnel are in the compound safe haven. it said a friendly militia was helping to fight off the attack. soon, another said it was over. the fighting in benghazi has stopped, the compound cleared. a response team on site, attempting to locally personnel later, a known terror group was said to be linked. nbc tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and has called for an attack on nbc tripoli. the next day the same terror group denied they were involved, causing more confusion confusion >> you know, posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence, and i think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continues for sometime to be. >> reporter: shortly before midnight on 911, another e-mail reported that the assault on benghazi had escalated. the current shelter is under attack by mortar fire, today, reports of injuries the white house and state department says there were hundreds and even thousands of reports that night, and in
. wizards take a one-point lead. but too much spurs down the stretch. steven jackson knocks the ball from chris singleton. going the other way. jackson on the other end. he wi he will fin wish authority. he was held scoreless. 0 for 6 from the field. lucky, this one did not count. redskins might be missing their defensive captain sunday. london fletcher who has been the iron man of the nfl is being listed as questionable. fletcher did practice today. first work out of the week. he still has a limp and is closely monitored for balance issues. since he's been suffering for a couple of weeks with this. he will be a game-time decision. senior night in damascus as horne hornets. i love when the parents get the flowers. game time at 7:00, chase williams to john hanley. 14-7, hornets at break. third quarter, seneca valley at own 33, that's calvin to james jones williams, making it long here. 67 yard score. watch them play, though. tweaked his left hamstring. eagles miss extra point, so they are trailing by 1. that's crucial. chances are, this is the end. picked up by rashard, all 6'3", 285 pound
by these students' parents. >> it's not fair at all. >> and while columbian and aspiring surgeon steven acuna is the face of a dreamer -- >> it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: so the yanic dufe of sentigal. >> i'm not about to contribute my education here in college. i'm going to take my talents elsewhere. you just waeszed your investment for the past 12 years. >> she's familiar with out-of-state tuition. >> i think it's 25 hundred. but if i was instate, it would be about a thousand less. >> i think i would vote against it, frankly. >> reporter: with november 6th just two weeks away, dreamers are wondering if they'll wake up on november seventh and be able to pay less or more for attending a four-year institution. >> the race for the white house turned into a sprint for the finish line today with the debates behind them. both president obama and mitt romney hit the campaign trail stumping for votes and key battleground states. the president was together in dayton ohio today while mitt romney and paul ryan spent the day in nevada and colorado. the president zeroed in on mitt romney's trustwor
. on a rather somber note, one month ago tonight on the anniversary of 9/11, ambassador chris stevens and three other brave americans were killed in a terrorist attack in benghazi. the state department has now made clear there were no protesters there. it was a preplanned assault by heavily armed men. wasn't this a massive intelligence failure, vice president biden? >> it was. it was a tragedy, martha. chris stevens was one of our best. we lost three other brave americans. i can make absolutely two commitments to you and all the american people tonight. one, we will find and bring to justice the men who did this. and secondly, we will get to the bottom of it, and whatever -- wherever the facts lead us, wherever they lead us, we will make clear to the american public, because whatever mistakes are made will not be made again. when you're looking at a president, martha, it seems to me that you should take a look at his most important responsibility. that's caring for the national security of the country. the best way to do that is take a look at how he's handled the issues of the day. on iraq, th
killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. some republicans have suggested the state department denied repeated requests for extra security at the mission. >>> an italian man who attracted worldwide attention for staging a protest on the dome of st. peter's basilica has now come down. that man, who owns a beach front concession stand in northern italy, climbed out on to the ledge in vatican city on tuesday and stayed there for 24 hours. he finally agreed to come down after italy's tourism minister promised to meet with a group of beach concession owners about new rules that impact their business. >>> everyone is trying to cash in on the natiols' playoff run, but mayor vincent gray is stepping in the keep you from paying more on your ride to and from the ballpark. the d.c. taxicab commission announced a dollar surcharge that would begin two hours before each home playoff game and last until 4:00 the next morning, but they quickly rescinded the fee after a call from the mayor who said the charge was iladvised. d.c. police have put hundreds of officers on standby. they s
.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. this week the state department ordered an investigation into the attack by an independent panel. >>> more seat repairs could have your american airlines flight cancelled today. the airline announced yesterday that they would again ground 48 planes to make more repairs to seats that could come loose midflight. that caused 50 flights to be cancelled yesterday, and another 44 will be cancelled today. initially, a faulty clamp was blamed for the problems. but now american says a combination of wear, poor design, and even spilled soda caused pins to come loose in the seats. all planes should be back in service by tomorrow. >>> tomorrow two men will square off in a debate that will help shape the direction of our country. tongue in cheek, i should say. neither one of those men running for president. jon stewart and bill o'reilly will face off in the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. the two say they hope to take an entertaining and comedic approach to the pressing political issues in our country. you can live stream the event online for
chris stevens and three other americans were killed. brenn brennan's trip comes a day before congress holds its first hearing on the attack. a state department official will be among the witnesses to testify before the house oversight committee. he is expected to deny reports the state department ignored requests for additional security in libya in the weeks and months before the attacks. >>> police are still trying to figure out how a missing fairfax teenager died. brian glenn disappeared last week after dropping his brother off at wt woodson high school. his body was found yesterday in a park. bryan's family issued a statement saying the controversy was "a great shock" and they need to let the investigation into bryan's death run its course. sources tell news 4 police do not believe his death is suspicious. >>> montgomery county police are trying to solve a shooting that left one man in critical condition. police say a homeowner got into an argument with a man and a woman in the 1100 block of good hope drive in silver spring last night. during the fight the homeowner shot the man wh
in benghazi last month. chris stevens was killed there. it comes before congress holds their first hearing on the attack. he will testify before the house oversight committee. the state department ignoring requests for additional protection in the weeks and months before the deadly attack. >>> romney is now leading in at least one poll. a new sewurvey shows romney holding the lead, 49% to 45%. the governor trailed the president last month. the poll shows romney's favoribility is rising and he's making gains among women and hispanic voters. mitt romney and president obama will be campaigning in the heartland today. romney is in iowa this morning. it's his seventh trip to iowa since finishing second in january. romney will also be stopping by ohio where the president will be this afternoon. mr. obama will be at ohio state university in cluolumbus. he's campaigned on 30 college campuses this year. >>> the first lady is campaigning in northern virginia. she will speak to supporters at the loudoun county fairgrounds this evening. virginia has been a common stop for both candidates and their spo
. >> dennis, are you okay? >> we have brandy. and we have steven baldwin. we have trace adkins, who's become a big monster in the music world. mary lou, the greatest memory of them all. and i can't get tickets to your show in vegas. >> he's put them back on the map, trump has. amyrosa and latoya jackson were not there. it airs in march. >>> just weeks after the debut of the iphone 5, apple is sending out invitations for another big announcement. many expect to get their first look at the long rumored ipad mini on october 23rd. apple is trying to compete with smaller, cheaper tablets like amazon's kindle fire and google's nexus. microsoft is launching its own surface tablet three days after the apple event. >>> when we come right back, an historic journey with parallel parking, tight turns. >> try parallel parking that. >>> dorothy's ruby slippers are off to see the queen. take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for
, two other tunisian men were arrested in turkey. ambassador christopher stevens and three others died in the embassy attack september 11th. >>> a former employee is suspected of opening fire inside a mega church. one person was killed. it happened here this morning at the world changer's church international. police are searching now for 52-year-old floyd palmer. they consider him armed and dangerous. world changer's church international is one of the largest churches in the country with 30,000 followers. its leader and founder, reverend dollar, leads a ministry of satellite churches all over the country. >>> where is the district's most notorious speed trap? if you guessed 295, you would be right. three of the five busiest speed cameras are located on that stretch of roadway. three cameras located along i-295 issued more than 200,000 tickets during the 2012 fiscal year. raking in more than $20 million for the district. >> d.c. 295 may be, may be the most expensive road in america to drive on. >> here's a look at which cameras make up the top five. cameras on dc-295 come in first and
this in our own debate setting and one on one interview with steven colbert in character and out of character as he talks about the political race and system he tries to expose. >> sounds like a good show. we will be watching. david, thanks. >> ai thanks, lester. >> you can catch the next presidential debate news night at 9:00 eastern, 6 awning pacific here on nbc. >> tom is over at the news desk. hey, good morning. >> good morning jenna and lester. good morning, everyone. another person died from the outbreak of a rare form of meningitis. 15 people have died and 198 people have been infected in more than a dozen states. >>> overseas where the shooting of a girl while on hes her way home from school horrified people in pakistan and internationally. the girl was shot for promoting girl's administration. >> a navy submarine off the east coast saturday evening is under investigation bit military. the pentagon says no one was hurt and both vessels are now under their own power. the submarine, uss mont pillier and uss were in operations when they collided. >>> space shuttle endeavour is on the jou
killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. some republicans suggested the state department denied repeated requests from u.s. diplomats for extra security at the mission. >>> and italian business owner protesting the country's economic policies has now come down from the ledge on st. peter's basilica. the man who owns a beach front concession stand in northern italy climbed on the ledge in vet can city on tuesday and stayed there for 24 hours. he finally agreed to come down after italy's tourism minister promised to meet with a group of beach concession owners about new rules that impact their businesses. >>> a school bus driver is in the hospital after passing out and causing this crash. the family who lived at the house was not home at time. five children between 5 and 8 years old were on the bus and not hurt. police have not released the driver's medical condition. the bus crashed in the garage but still caused structural damage. >>> you hear it every election. people will move out of the country if the other guy wins. jetblue is offering some help moving peop
, because of security. and this from steven hayes of the weekly standard, which i think we should talk about. he writes in the magazine, the man suspected of organizing the attack on the u.s. consulate spent two leisurely hours sipping a strawberry frap on a patio and boasted he wasn't even questioned by the united states. it raises an obvious question. why is it more than a month after the attack a reporter can spend more than two hours with the alleged mastermind and no u.s. agent has approached him? >> well, by the way, president obama still did take out osama bin laden, and there's no question about that. and the leadership of al qaeda in many ways has been decimated, has been severely beat back. that doesn't mean that al qaeda has disappeared from the world, and the administration has never claimed such a thing. no question process has been made. it's chaos on the ground. for every report about one group participating, there's another report that it wasn't organized, it was a terrorist group but not necessarily linked to al qaeda. there is so much confusing information. and the reason t
that was not in place in benghazi at the consulate when ambassador chris stevens was killed. this came up in the vice presidential debate, and biden answered, and then romney answered the following day based on that answer. let me play both of those now and we'll discuss it. >> and they wanted more security. >> well, we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security. >> he's doubling down on denial. and we need to understand exactly what happened as opposed to people just brushing this aside. when the vice president of the united states directly contradicts the testimony, sworn testimony, of state department officials, american citizens have a right to know just what's going on. and we're going to find out. >> it sounds, governor granholm, you have the vice president and the white house saying the next day, well, it didn't come directly to the white house. there were other people who handle all of that. the white house is saying one thing. the state department another. the white house saying the intelligence community gave them this information. kind of distancing t
 on security missteps by the u.s. state department. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack. a state department official will be along the witnesses to testify before the house oversight committee. he's expected to deny reports the state department ignored requests for additional security in libya in the weeks and months before the attack. the man believed to be behind the anti-muslim film that sparked riots across the middle east is due in court today. a federal judge will decide if mark bassly youssef should be sent back to prison. prosecutors say youssef lied to prosecutors and used aliases. he was behind the 14-minute film called "innocence of muslims" which led to violence in the middle east. >>> the highest military court will hear whether records of army private bradley manning should be made public. manning is accused of giving information to the website wikileaks. the center for constitutional rights says it should have access to written motions, opinions, and other records. typically, those sorts of files are available to the public in civilian
built it, and they came. steven gaines wrote about it in his book, "fool's paradise." ♪ >> it became a destination for the rat pack, for frank sinatra, the major stars were appearing at the found fountain blue. >> novak needed a queen to preside over his aqua-colored palace. he found one in a former coca-cola model named bernice. with her beauties a-- with her butte and charm, she was the perfect celebrity to make the fountain blue the scene of its day. ben and bernice lived over the store in a suite. then along came their young prince, ben novak jr. >> he was a spoiled kid. he was a brat. >> ben jr., don't call him benji, would be trotted out to shake hands with the likes of jfk, then it was back up the hotel zeelevator to home. birthday cakes came from room service. >> the kids who came to the birthday party were strange force him. just kids who were passing through the hotel. >> the friendless, lonely boy,liked by his father's help, lost himself in the fantasy world of batman. the superhero became an obsession. even as an adult, ben jr. was still amassing a floor-to-ceiling collec
was his little big brother. >> the memorial service is scheduled for this morning at st. stevens baptist church in temple hills. >>> the time is 6:12. next we'll take you along the coast as beach side property owners get ready for the monster storm. >> also, liz crenshaw will show you do it yourself projects around the house that can keep you from paying big bucks next week. >>> and chuck is analyzing the latest computer models in storm center 4. we'll have the lat anncr: it's said that character is what we do... when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just
than anyone else. i knew stevens. he worked on the foreign -- the ambassador. he worked on the foreign relations committee for dick lugar when i was the ranking member. the president knew him and knew his family. this is something we want to get to the bottom of to make sure that something like this never happens again. >> before i let you go, i have to ask you about your debate. as you know, a lot of people noticed your demeanor. when not answering a question, let's put it this way, you seemed to be having a good time. have you watched back tape of that debate, and would you do it the same way all over again? >> well, i think, you know, you can always improve. one of the things in a two-minute response and a four-minute format, you know, some of the things that were said were absolutely incredulous. it was unbelievable some of the responses i was getting, so the answers, he's a good man. he's a solid guy. i like him. i wasn't laughing at him. i was laughing at some of the answers that were coming forward. >> mr. vice president, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> we
the world. all part of the 30th anniversary of steven spielberg's hit film. you can find e.t. on display in l.a., sydney, tokyo, berlin and amsterdam. >> phone home, doug kammerer. >>> tomorrow apple will reveal a smaller version of the ipad. they expect the base version somewhere between $250 and $300. it's expected to have a 7.8-inch screen. that puts it on par with the google nexus, and kindle fire. >>> all right. coming up next, a pregnant woman is killed the day before her wedding. >>> and the strange twist that the d.c. sniper lee mal vo. anncr: seven-hundred-thousand jobs. that's what the plan george allen supports... would cost our economy. newspapers called it "economically destructive." like allen's votes to give tax breaks to companies... that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would... help big corporations, devastating the middle class. allen even voted against tax breaks for small businesses. virginia can't afford to go back to george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee... is responsible for the content of this advertising. e. the middle class, who move o
is expected to testify. he claims the deaths of ambassador stevens and three other americans could have been avoided. woods says the state department was withdrawing security forces despite his concerns the situation there was getting worse. >>> north korea making a new threat against the u.s. it claims its missiles can reach the u.s. mainland as well as the u.s. territory of guam. north korea has accused south korea and its allies of plotting a war against that country. south korea just announced the u.s. has agreed to let it have longer-range missiles which can strike anywhere in the north. most missile experts say north korea has not mastered the technology to launch a missile capable of hitting the u.s. >>> the conflict in the middle east now playing out right in new york city's subway system. two religious groupsproduced these new ads which began appearing yesterday in new york. they urge people to choose love and stop bigotry against muslims. the ads are in response to controversial pro-israel ads which compare muslim extremists to savages. that controversial ad now also up in some met
late yesterday, lester, that include documents from ambassador chris stevens. he simply said a month before the attack that violence in the country was not random. lester? >>> joe and minka are here to break things down with us. let's talk about mitt romney's comment about having a binder full of women, speaking in reference of what he would do. >> the fact that he asked for the binders is not true. he was given the binders by a bipartisan organization of women's groups that want to see more women in office. second of all, it just seems like not a very personal story in term ofrs understanding the needs of women and families. if you look at the difference between mitt romney and the president on these issues, the president leaves mitt romney in the dust. >> the president typically has been ahead in terms of women. you look at battleground states. >> there is a tightening up. it certainly looks like in this poll, the pew poll came out last week, and a lot of women weighed in and they said they thought mitt romney could handle the economy better. they're thinking about how they can put
ambassador christopher stevens to a bunker inside the residence. the attackers sprayed diesel fuel igniting the building. trapped inside unable to see or breathe through heavy smoke, the ambassador and a security agent tried to escape through a bathroom window. the agent got out but then couldn't find the ambassador. his body turned up hours later in the hospital where the staff had dialed numbers in his cell phone to identify him. eventually surviving agents drove an armored vehicle through heavy fire from an ak-47 to an annex several miles away. the main compound was hit by mortar fire and survivors fled on a jet flown in from tripoli. at a hearing this morning officials will testify they had asked for more security for months and were turned down, claiming the administration was in a hurry to turn security over to libya. republican jason chaffetz just returned from libya. >> if you can't add that up as a potential security threat, my goodness, all the signs were there. there was a request for more personnel. that was denied. in fact, they reduced the number of personnel. >> reporter: the
, so steven spielberg knew about me, and universal brought me out to meet him and, of course, hi seen "raiders of the lost ark" and came to the meeting with a bull whip on myself, and i just wanted to talk about harrison ford and indiana jones, and he said i want you to come in tomorrow and i want you to read for me. i go in and i read a scene and i did an improv, and you can actually find my audition on youtube and watch it, and it's the improv that got me the -- the part. it's the only part in my career that i knew i had before i left the audition room because you can hear it on -- on the audition. i finished my -- my scene, and they are in tears and i'm in tears, and i said -- steven says, kid, you've got the job. i keep waiting for that to happen again. >> well, it was, of course, a high point. drew barrymore, just talking about it, was so darn cute. >> i know. >> and as i understand it, she kind of believed e.t. was real. i mean, she was at that age. >> yeah. she was around 7, and the veil hadn't quite been lifted yet, so she was really worried about him all the time. why doesn't
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